Critical Voice by Terry Locke

Notes for “In train”

resisting the intrusion: In fact, it wasn’t so easy to resist a number of intrusions. I really did wonder what time it was. I was feeling rather feverish and hot. So the bed was “close” in a number of ways. But I think of this as a poem of enclosure. It is concentrated in a particular moment…or attempts to capture that moment even while that moment is inevitably caught up with the later moment when the poem gets down on the page. The version here is rather close to the text that was generated in my head as I was experiencing the sound of the train and in the immediate aftermath. I later wondered what difference it would have made had I had a tape recorder and microphone beside the bed. Had I taped myself intoning the poem as it existed in my head at the time would it have been a better outcome than the version we have here.

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recollected in tranquillity: In the preface to the second edition (1800) of the Lyrical BalladsWilliam Wordsworth asserted that poetry originates from “emotion recollected in tranquillity”.     Back to “In train”

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