Critical Voice by Terry Locke


Hyperpoetics began as is experiment, undertaken in the early 2000’s when I was helping form English teachers at the University of Waikato. A research projects I was involved in at the time investigated the impact of ICTs on literacy learning and teaching.

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In initiating this site, I was recognising that writing has always been a technologised practice. The materials of writing, be they papyrus, slate, stylus, pen, paper, pencil or computer-based digitalised code have a part to play in the ways we write and read. Nowadays, what might be called the genres of writing (you might like to use terms like text-types and forms) are in the process of transformation under the pressure of new technologies. I thought of this site as a material inquiry into the transformative potential of electronic hypertext in respect of traditionally print-based genres. That’s why Coleridge’s famous definition of poetry as “best words in the best order” has itself been transformed. There is no one order (sequence) in hypertext.

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