Critical Voice by Terry Locke


You may think of this as yet another site directed at those who practise or think about education. I’ve called in Critical Voice because I believe that it is something we all need to foster. As my very first post explains, critical does not mean negative (though it can). I view critique (as noun but also as verb) as a force for good, because it means both reflecting on one’s own assumptions about things and using these as a standpoint (or stance) to address the behaviours of others and the thinking that appears to be directing these behaviours. So that’s the “critical” part. It relates to the things we know and how we’ve come to know them and, to use a big word, has an epistemological emphasis

I think of voice as something that is unique to all of us. Actually we all speak something linguists call an ideolect, something that is unique and special to all of us. When we speak in our own voice, we are being who we are. We are being in a particular way. So, for now, I’m suggesting that our “voice” is a part of being in the world. It has an ontological emphasis.

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