Critical Voice by Terry Locke


There is nothing original about this title. Deliberately so. It’s prime reference is to William Wordsworth’s long poem, The Prelude, written as a kind of prologue to an epic poem (The Excursion) that never quite got written. (Interestingly, the alternative title of The Prelude is “The Growth of a Poet’s Mind”.) Then again, you might also see it as having a connection to “Prelude”, the short story by Katherine Mansfield, which was initially conceived as contributing to a novel (which again never got written).

Both these texts, in their own way, broke new ground for their writers. The poems that together make up my hypertext will be doing the same for me. I make no claims for it. I am playing…..

“In train” can be found in Ranging Around the Zero in a plain version. Check it out by following the link. Here is a hypertext version, i.e. a version which includes hypertext links.

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